Power of Health Optimization

Health Optimization is the most powerful approach for three reasons.

A. Medicine fails to detect Health Optimization benefits

Live and health are controlled by a large number of factors. If one attempts to measure one of them against the rest of them, the effect of each factor will not be found. That is why medical researches will reject each factor as having no benefits on health. As we have found that statistical model, mathematical models, diagnosis methods, use of binary scale, etc. each adds more errors to the research.

In our study, we examined accuracy and reliability required for characterizing chronic diseases, reviewed implied presumptions in clinical trials and assumptions used in statistical analysis, examined sources of variances normally encountered in clinical trials, and conducted numeric simulations by using hypothetical data for several theoretical and hypothetical models. We found that the sources of variances attributable to personal differences in clinical trials can distort hypothesis test outcomes, that clinical trials introduce too many errors and too much inaccuracies that tend to hide weak and slow effects of treatments, and that the means of treatments used in statistical analysis have little or no relevance to specific patients. We further found that a large number of uncontrolled co-causal or interfering factors normally seen in human subjects can greatly enlarge the means and the variances of the experimental errors, and the use of high rejection criteria (e.g., low p values) further raises the chances of failing to find treatment effects. As a whole, we concluded that the research model using clinical trials is wrong on multiple grounds, under any of our realistic theoretical and hypothetical models, and that misuse of statistical analysis is most probably responsible for failure to identify treatment effects for chronic diseases and to detect harmful effects of toxic substances in the environment. We proposed alternative experimental models involving the use of single-person or mini optimization trials for studying low-risk weak treatments.

We found statistical population of health properties does not exist for most research purposes, mathematical models are misused to model intensive properties, synthetic drugs are inherently more dangerous than nature-made medicines under their respective application conditions, and reductionist treatments are inferior and inherently dangerous. We found that clinical trials are valid only for research where treatment effect is much stronger than the total effects of all interfering or co-causal factors or errors introduced by misused mathematical models can be tolerated. In all other situations, clinical trials introduce excessive errors and fail to detect treatment effects, or produce biased, incorrect or wrong results. We further found that chronic diseases are manifestation of small departures in multiple process attributes in distinctive personal biological pathways networks, that modern medicine lacks required accuracy for accurately characterizing chronic diseases, and that reductionist treatments are good at controlling symptoms and safe for short term uses. For all stated reasons, as long as modern medicine continues relying on the flawed presumptions, it can never find predictable cures for chronic diseases. By implication, predictable cures to chronic diseases are adjustments to lifestyle, dietary, emotional, and environmental factors to slowly correct departures in process attributes responsible for chronic diseases.

B. We have proved that health benefits of a large number factors can be added up.

For any disease, four classes of factors affect health outcomes: tissue environment, organ functional capacities, CNC roles, and immune system. Health is achieved by reaching balance. There are thousands of factors that can potentially affect health outcomes. Since their benefits can be added up, the real benefits is one to several order of magnitudes higher than the rating of chronic trails.

In a model study, we estimate how factors are added up. If each of the k factors has a same treatment effect and same variances in the health property and is similar to the experimental error, using an optimization trial to optimize the heath property by using k factors will raise treatment effect by k times, and raises the T statistic, Z statistic and F statistic by about k*√k. The sensitivity and ability of a hypothesis test to detect true treatment effect increases with the number of interfering factors. When the total number of factors is increased from 1 to 2, 5, 10, and 100, all statistics will increase by 2.8, 11.2, 32, and 1000 times. Those study just shows that medical researches lack accuracy to study real cures for chronic diseases.

C. All diseases can self-resolve.

It is indisputable that cancer can heal naturally as in hundreds of documented cases [49-78, citation omitted] and millions of undocumented cases [a reasonable hypothesis]. I personally know many such cases. The spontaneous healing of cancer is known for hundreds to potentially thousands of years [79]. It is now accepted as an indisputable fact. A review of past literature demonstrates that cancer regression is usually associated with acute infections, fever, and immunostimulation. More recent study found that cancer can be prevented by major change of lifestyle [21]. The recent discoveries in cancer causes further show that modern cancer can be prevented and cured by avoiding exposures to massive cancer-causing agents. However, medicine still uses chemotherapy and surgeries even though the cancer somatic mutation theory is largely irrelevant to most cases [29]. When a health care has two options: $100 for a complete cure, or $100,000-$500,000 for endless treatments, business rule requires use of the latter.

Heart diseases can also self resolve. It can be as simple as doing more exercise, eating less and avoiding toxic substances.

D. The Foundation of Medicine Clashes with Optimization.

It must be pointed out health optimization has severe tension with reductionist medicine. Health optimization is not about using a list of things to fix a health problem. It must be based on personal condition. In reductionist medicine, everything is used as indicated by benefits for a population. However, in health optimization, the same factor may be used in a different way. For example, nutrients that have been in toxicity levels must be reduced as in a sharp contrast to population medicine that urges everyone to use vitamin D based on population study. For people who have been severely influenced by yes-or-no medicine, it may take time to gain real understanding of health optimization. Intoxication by any one substance such as nutrients, vitamins, synthetic substances, etc could completely defeat the intended benefits.

Ping Zha, MD (Chi, Med.)
  • Ping Zha was born in a famous Chinese Medicinal family and learned experience-based Chinese Medicine;
  • She later received formal training in Chinese Medicine for seven years. She earned M.S. degree in Chinese Medicine;
  • She has a deep understanding of Chinese Medical theories including the four Master Pieces;
  • She practiced Chinese Medicine as a chief doctor in China for more than 10 years, and has a broad range of knowledge medical practices in modern hospitals;
  • She was a student of Professor Yiping Chen, a renowned expert in kidney disease, and copied medical prescriptions and learned from leading Chinese Medical experts including Songnian Xu, Zhongyi Hu, and Letao Wang; and
  • She published many articles in various Chinese Medicine Journals and won excellent thesis awards in the second place and third place from Anqing City, Anhui Province, China.

Our Long Journey

Dr. Wu had a history of using synthetic drugs when he was a child. To avoid adverse drug reactions, he started practicing Qigong in an attempt to avoid dependence on medical drugs. This practice helped him avoid using antibiotics.

In 2001, Dr. Wu attempted to stop chronic pain in a hip joint by using Qigong. This joint pain was caused by an injury which had caused pain for three decades. By a stroke of luck, he experienced heat flow which is normally referred to as Qi. That instance immediately convinced him that the joint could be healed. He wrote a latter to NIH, asking whether it has done any study on the effects of Qigong and received an official reply. By keeping circulating Qi, he slowly reduced the chance for the pain to come back. Two years later, the joint was completely healed so that no pain would return. His experience led him believe that diseases can be healed notwithstanding the incurable notion in medicine. He contacted media, publishers, etc., but did not get any responses. The world was without ears.

He started legal career. One of his interests was to improve productivity of legal processes. One of his main tasks was to find the causes of low productivity. He quickly realized that legal service could not deliver productivity because doctrines, rules, and policies were not rational. The legal process is like playing games. When the rules are wrong, there is no way to produce right results. His research work eventually allowed him to get 12 U.S. patents and many software applications.

When he studied the common influences, he realized that medicine shares the same problems. For example, the legal framework actually defines the medical research and practicing models: the population approach, the reductionist model, dualism (separation of mind and body) and the binary disease classification. He found that those presumptions were established by early political leaders without any proof they are valid. In the legal field, each rule or doctrine may produce a right result by a better than half chance. It the rule is used just one time, it could reach a right result by a fair chance. However, if several such rules or doctrines are used consecutively by N times, the chance of getting a right final result is only p^n (e.g., 0.08 if p=0.6) and a wrong result is almost certain (e.g., 0.92). This model is used everywhere. This is the main reason why litigation consumes massive money with little justice.

Dr. Wu later learned Chinese Medicine from Dr. Ping Zha in an attempt to understand the reason that chronic diseases are incurable. From her, he learned the holistic healing model, the mind-body model, the rate balance theory, dialectic diagnosis and treatment approach, and personalized medicine. He started comparing the holistic model with the reductionist medical model in more than ten years that followed. By considering massive evidence and computation studies, he finally concluded that all those old concepts were correct because they actually represent the reality of the human body. However, he was unable to prove them because there are no suitable method for proving them.

One personal accident brought Dr. Wu to back to practicing healing art. This time, he further found that chronic diseases are much more curable than they were. Thus, he was able to correct most of permanent health issues that were left from his childhood. In this healing process, he observed clear evidence that chronic diseases can progress and reverse, depending on how different treatment factors are used. Even the most tough diseases like expanding moles and pollen allergies can be cured. He concluded that failure of medicine was due to the failure to use the rate balance theory. He extensively read patient bloggers about diseases, healing and deaths. In this long period of time, he has seen many online people suddenly dying from cancer or other incurable diseases.

Many of his family members were stricken by cancer and other chronic diseases, and many of them died. He saw catastrophic health epidemic in this hometown: people are dying from cancer, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s diseases, etc. When he clearly knew where problems are, he had to go back to medicine. He decided to systematically study and prove the problems in the foundation of medicine so that the world would be a better place without the infliction of incurable diseases.

Within a few years, Dr. Wu with help of Ping Zha first wrote a series of books on health optimization engineering. Those books embody real science-based health art that has absolute power to cure chronic diseases and cancer and extend lifespans. The knowledge disclosed in those books is contrary to what is taught in medicine and promoted by law. Those books essentially disprove using surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other synthetic drugs as cures except in emergency. He found that all real cures are within human mind and the body, substances from nature, or inherent physical properties, all of which have been rejected by medicine. Their teachings reflect radical departures from medical teachings and will not be understood and accepted by patients, medical establishment, medical experts, and the legal system for years to come. However, those concepts were well known in ancient times, used in ancient medical systems for thousands of years. They have been rejected in medicine due to its own flaws in foundation of medicine. It may take decades for modern people to rediscover the true cures in a new form of medicine: health optimization engineering.

By taking advantage of his special skills in modeling and computation, he has finally proven that randomized controlled trial was wrong in studying chronic diseases. He further proved that the reductionist model is wrong, the dualism was wrong, and binary disease classification is wrong. Those proof are based on overwhelming evidence that can be found in medicine. Any of the four elements can introduce far too much errors relative to the small changes in basic biochemical cellular processes that caused diseases. Based on computation results, he found that deviations in biochemical and cellular processes in a disease person are only a few percents to a few tenths of a percent. He has proven that randomized controlled trials just lack capability to detect the subtle chances in biochemical and cellular processes. Moreover, randomized controlled trials can detect only fractions of treatment benefits that could be delivered by multiple factors health optimization engineering.

He further found that when the binary scale is used to evaluate drug side effects, there is no way to detect or confirm them except those that can kill patients. Yet, the side effects of a single drug or a single treatment factor may be slowly realized; or several to tens of drugs may work together to kill a patient, or several to tens of treatment factors may work together to cure diseases. The binary scale forces a study to take two extreme options: confirming or denying a treatment effect or a side effect, and introduces massive errors that make findings meaningless. It is like a hundred strikes kill a man, but none of the strikes could kill the man, medicine will refuse to recognize any strike as the cause of death; and medicine will not find cause of death for the person. This binary scale exonerates all strikes from being held accountable. The binary disease scale generates meaningless conclusions in medical research. In order to solve chronic diseases, treatment effects and drug side effects must be evaluated quantitatively, and final conclusions cannot be just yes or no.

Ignoring the role of mind is another reason to make a medical treatment meaningless. For a chronic disease, the disease state is remembered in the brain and maintained by neural signals from the brain. Although this is our theory, tens of thousands of studies reader direct or indirect support. Contrary to mountains of evidence and personal experiences, medicine insists that a treatment must be done without mind participation. This is like an attempt to fix a problem for an two-part interlocked system by just focusing on one part but ignoring the other part.

Wu and Zha concluded that chronic diseases cannot be cured because population approach, reductionist study design, dualism and binary disease classification are wrong. There is no chance for medicine to find cures for chronic diseases and cancer because the research model is remotely from the reality of human body. They also found that cures for chronic diseases are within the mind, the body, human genome and natural products, and that exercises with strong mind focus are the most powerful panacea.

Proof and Published Articles

1. Proof medicine could not detect weak and slow-delivering effects.

In our study, we found that the beneficial effects of lifestyle factors can be accmulated. This study explains why medicine could not affirmatively find benefits of lifestyle factors in curing chronic diseases and cancer."[view or download the article]

2. Health Optimization Model

We examined statistical life expectancy, actual causes of death, and problems of statistical models, and found that statistical life expectancy is irrelevant to specific persons and has little utilities for estimating and extending lifespans and health spans for specific persons. To provide a model for extending human lifespans and health spans, we propose “usable organ capacity” for individual persons as a measure of lifespans and health spans. We show that personal lifespans and health spans depend on organ’s biological potential, maximum usable organ capacity, decline rate of usable organ capacities, fluctuations in usable organ capacities, sizes of life stressors, and thresholds of death. We used a model to estimate lifespans for human beings and extrapolated survival times to potential lifespans. We show that hundreds of factors affect lifespans and health spans, but current research methods are unable to determine the benefits of single weak factor. The flawed research methods have provided strong incentives to explore strong fixes but ignore the great utilities of multiple factors in extending lifespans. We explored how personal health care wisdom, medical practice culture, drug adverse interactions, and human propensity in favoring short-term benefits over long-term risks might have severely shortened personal lives and create the observed compressed survival curve."[view or download the article]

Books On Health Optimization

Curing Heart Diseases, Preventing Stroke and Eliminating Stroke Risk

This book provides knowledge enabling readers to cure vascular diseases and eliminate stroke risks completely by using health optimization engineering. Book teaches patients to use the safest and most effective healing measures such as lifestyle, exercises, environmental factors, emotional factors to restore lost body balance. The book provides full coverage on (1) avoiding and mitigating risks to the heart, (2) using the mind and the Central Nervous System as a critical element in curing vascular diseases, (3) identifying most probable reasons for failure to cure heart diseases in personalized medicine. It also discusses the main reasons that medicine fails to find cures for heart diseases.

Buy E-book on Curing Heart Disease, Preventing Stroke, and Eliminating Stroke Risk

Some Unique Features

  • Present a true science-based health model that is based on Chinese Medicine, System Optimization, natural laws and good science;
  • Use medical discoveries as guidance for finding the treatment factors, but never as a standalone treatment.
  • Teaches detailed instructions to practice personalized medicine for individual persons. For example, to restore vascular health, one must use exercises safety. A large number of health, personal and environmental factors affect the peak blood pressure. The book extensively discuss how to identify those factors to achieve largest safety margins.
  • Discuss medical miracles and their potential mechanisms and justify their success on rate balance theory.
  • Discuss our disease theories which we believe will be the foundation of a future health art: Health Optimization Engineering (not same as system optimization for health care delivery);
  • Use the usable organ capacity as a key concept to raise safety. Even though, this term is not used expressly, all of the main schemes in controlling blood pressure is actually based on this concept. This approach departs from medicine which always focus on population data and not personalized condition.
  • Analyze the mechanisms of ten wonder cures including exercise, Qigong, relaxation, massage, induction, etc. in modern scientific language for the first time.
  • Analyze many medical controversies that are relevant to vascular diseases, and
  • Discuss why people have failed to cure their vascular diseases.
Health Optimization Engineering (1): Cure the Incurable And Achieve the Maximum Lifespan

This book discloses a new true science-based health model that is based on system optimization methodology, Chinese Medicine, ancient medicines, and modern discoveries in medicine. Its purposes are teaching personalized healing art for curing chronic diseases, and how to avoid life risks that can cause premature death, enabling people to achieve max lifespans. The book rejects the INCURABLE concept and proves that the flawed foundation of medicine is responsible for its failure to find cures. It extensively discusses reasons for people to fail to cure chronic diseases and cancer.

Buy e-Book on Health Optimization Engineering

Some Unique Features

  • This book presents a completely different health model that is based on old medical systems, Chinese Medicine, System Optimization, and medical discoveries.
  • In treating human longevity, the book does not rely on statistical life expectancy nor the one or more drugs. It completely rejects the notion that lifespans can be extended by using a drug or by doing a few things. It is common sense that most people die from temporarily depressed organ capacity and one person’s lifespan or time of death have absolutely nothing to do with statistical data for other people. An irrefutable fact is that most people did not die from truly exhausted organ functions, but from temporarily insufficient organ capacity. Death can happen when a few bad things strike, several mishaps strike while being mildly ill, or if more adverse drug interactions strike. Notwithstanding the population life expectancy, the actual lifespan of a person depends on how the person avoids life risks that commonly cause death rather than whatever medicine promotes. The book teaches how to avoid a large number of risks that are known to cause deaths.
  • The book teaches why medical research from using the reductionist model is unable to accurately determine chronic diseases, slow treatment effects, and slowly realized toxic effects. By using wrong binary disease classification approach, medical researchers cannot detect each of tens to thousands of weak effects of multiple factors. However, when a large number of such weak factors work together, they can ruin personal health. The flaws in randomized controlled trials and binary disease classifications were proved after the first edition of this book was published. The book is the only source that takes an unequivocal preposition to disfavoring the use of traditional medical treatments such as synthetic drug, surgery, and radiotherapy as cures for chronic diseases unless they are used to address medical emergencies.
  • After the flaws in randomized controlled trials are found, patients must question the merit of existing medical treatments. The claimed benefits are grossly exaggerated and disclosed risks are grossly underestimated. The finding may reasonably explain that population health condition in the world is degrading against the perceived advances of medicine. Even if all causes were found and all possible affirmative actions are being taken now, there is no guarantee that the trend can be stopped and reversed. Yet, politicians, health organizations, and experts are doing nothing to let people know the obvious flaws in medical research and treatment models. When the establishment continues to poison population’s health wisdom, this book can provide the only protection, which can be exercised by people in making wise health decisions.
  • The book focuses on how to restore personal health wisdom which has been ruined by medical propagation which was based on flawed conclusions from medical research done under the flawed research model. Unwise health care decisions are mainly responsible for degrading national health condition and worldwide health crisis. In the U.S. alone, chronic diseases are a national epidemic: about 80 million fatty liver diseases, about 103 million hypertension or high blood pressure cases, and about 149 million people who have at least one chronic disease in 2015. Many mental diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's diseases, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety, and diminished capacity all arise. Chronic disease has the tendency to swollen a big part or even all economic gain. The worst problem is expected population infertility in North America, Australia and Europe. The male sperm count has decreased by half since 1973 with an unstoppable momentum of decreasing at the rate of 1.5% a year.
Noval Approach To Curing Cancer

This book teaches a novel health art model for fighting cancer. It teaches a comprehensive true science-based personalized health art for curing cancer. Contrast to medical practice of killing all cancer cells, it teaches cancer patients to fight cancer by controlling cancer cell division speeds rather than kill all cancer cells, discusses reasons for people to fail in fights against cancer, prove true risks of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, and the reason for the failure of medicine to find predictable cures for cancer.


This book discusses the practical methods for curing heart diseases without discussing problems in modern medicine. It (1) teach the methodology for developing optimal healing program for curing heart diseases and brain problems, (2) enable readers to cure vascular diseases and eliminate stroke risk completely, (3)enable readers to strengthen mental health and cognitive capacity, (4) teach readers to prevent future vascular diseases, and (5) discuss why people fail to cure vascular diseases.

Some Unique Features

  • The book teaches easy-to-follow health optimization method for curing heart diseases, eliminating stroke risk, and strengthening brain functions. It stresses the roles of all relevant factors such as diet, nutrition, activities, environment, exercise, etc. One main focus is use of exercises to optimize personal health by using seven elements: deep breath, relaxation, focus, mind regulation, induction, sound induction, the number of action modes, plus overall calories burning capacity.
  • The book present a novel health art in a completely different medical model that comprises Chinese Medicine, System Optimization Methodology and modern medical discoveries, all of which are combined to form the most powerful health art in the world. Under the current medical model, researchers can study one or limited factors a time. In doing so, the researchers apply the same factor to all patients in the treatment group indiscriminately. Due to the averaging or canceling effects, a study done in medical model can detect only a fraction of true benefits of a single factor while the health optimization engineering can simultaneously detect the total effect of a large number of factors. As a result, HOE can be more powerful than medicine by one to four orders of magnitude. If we further consider the effects of using mind as a treatment, and using the full scale to measure disease properties, HOE is potentially millions times more powerful than medical treatments developed under the medical model which is clearly wrong in all four core presumptions: population approach, reductionism, dualism, and binary definition. Our findings explain why medicine fails to find cures in centuries.
  • It explains why many tragedies and medical miracles happened. Due to misuse of population approach which cannot study detailed causes of death, medicine fails to see that each person actually dies from several life mistakes, one undetected adverse drug interaction, or several mishaps. If a person do not know how to avoid causes of death, lifespans cannot be extended meaningfully by mere taking super drugs. One important subject to teach how to defeat the risks of death, which is always caused by temporarily unavailable organ functions. This fact refutes the hypothesis that lifespans can be extended by drugs or by using a few things. The book teaches patients to use multiple factors to reduce the temporary depression of usable organ capacity. This is particularly important to patients who are at risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • The book reveals one author's decades experience in using wonder healing art. This is important in light of many documented successful miracle cases and a large number of undocumented healing miracles.
  • The book analyzes the mechanisms of ten wonder cures such as Exercise, Qigong, relaxation, massage, induction, etc. in scientific language for the first time. Even based on the tens of thousands of published studies in medical research, exercise is legally a perfect panacea. Exercise can be cures for all kinds of cancer, all chronic diseases in virtually all patients, and can extend lifespans provided they are used correctly and wisely. We found that a real panaceas can be found only in human mind, human body, and human genome, or from nature.
  • The book discuss why most people have failed to cure their vascular diseases. The issues the book explore include that modern people have gotten used to fast-acting drugs under the binary scale and how they quickly give up real cures before they have a chance to work.