New Approach to Battling Concern

A Predictable Approach must include four components: reforming tissue ecosystem, improving organ functional capacities, retraining the CNS, and reactivating the immune system.

A. Change tissue ecosystem.

A huge number of substances and matters can cause cancer. This implies that all substances in the tissue ecosystem must affect cancer by different degree. There is no no possibility to cure cancer if the person is still exposed to the massive cancer-inducing substances.

B. Enlarge organ's functional capacities

All cancer patients die from insufficient organ functional capacities. Thus, enlarging the function's capacities can increase the survival room.

C. Reactivate the immune system

After a cancer has been developed, the immune system loses ability to fight against cancer cells. There are a large number of factors that affect the immune system. The best way to reactivate the immune system is manipulating all lifestyle factors.

D. Retrain the CNS

We have shown that cancer developing ability is also like a skill that can be learned and acquired.

We discovered that chronic diseases are the results of deviated baseline B&C processes. The CNS maintains deviated baseline B&C processes, and thus protects the body states of fully developed cancer. We then used the three CNS roles: learning disease process, comparison mechanism, and protect the existing disease process. Those three capability can explain that cancer progresses with increasing malignancy, cancer quickly returns after a surgery, cancer cells repopulate after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, cancer develops drug resistance inevitably, immune cells rebound after suppression, generally poor benefits of cancer drugs. We further showed that long-term exercises generally push most, if not all, baseline B&C processes in diametrical opposing directions against the diseased B&C processes, implying that exercises play unique roles in reversing chronic diseases. Finally, we proposed several strategical approaches to resetting the CNS’ state memory as the essential condition for curing chronic diseases.

Our Long Journey For Finding Cures

Over the years, we have explored cancer theories, cancer treatment history, cancer performance review, cancer survivor stories, cancer treatment art.

Dr. Wu later learned Chinese Medicine from Dr. Ping Zha in an attempt to understand the reason that chronic diseases are incurable. From her, he learned the holistic healing model, the mind-body model, the rate balance theory, dialectic diagnosis and treatment approach, and personalized medicine. He started comparing the holistic model with the reductionist medical model in more than ten years that followed. By considering massive evidence and computation studies, he finally concluded that all those old concepts were correct because they actually represent the human body. However, he was unable to prove them because there are no suitable method for proving them.

They observed clear evidence that chronic diseases can progress and reverse, depending on how different treatment factors are used. Even the most tough diseases like expanding moles and pollen allergies can be cured. He discovered that failure of medicine was due to the failure to use the rate balance approach. He extensively read patient bloggers about diseases, healing and deaths. They have heard and studied a large number of cancer cases reported from various sources.

Many of his family members were stricken by cancer and other chronic diseases, and many of them died. He saw catastrophic health epidemic in this hometown: people are dying from cancer, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s diseases, etc. When he clearly knew where problems are, he decided to systematically study and prove problems in the foundation of medicine.

One of their efforts is disprove surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other synthetic drugs as cures for cancer. They found that all real cures are thing within human mind and the body, cures carried in human genes, substances from nature, physical properties. However, all of those things have been rejected by medicine. Their approach reflects radical departures from medical teachings and will not be understood and accepted by patients, medical establishment, medical experts, and the legal system for years to come. However, those concepts were well known in ancient times, and used in ancient medical systems for thousands of years. They have been rejected in medicine due to its own flaws in foundation of medicine. This is why they exposed flaws in the research model and treatment model.

By taking advantage of his special skills in modeling and computation, he has finally proven that randomized controlled trial was wrong in studying chronic diseases. He further proved that the reductionist model, the dualism, and binary disease classification are all wrong. Those proofs are based on massive evidence produced by estimated millions of studies. Any of the four elements can introduce far too much errors relative to the small changes in basic biochemical cellular processes that caused diseases. Based on computation results, he found that deviations in biochemical and cellular processes in a disease person are only a few percents to a few tenths of a percent. He has proven that randomized controlled trials just lack capability to detect the subtle chances in biochemical and cellular processes. Moreover, randomized controlled trials can detect only fractions of treatment benefits that could be delivered by multiple factors health optimization engineering.

We further found that when the binary scale is used to evaluate drug side effects, there is no way to detect or confirm them except those stone side effects that can kill patients. Yet, the side effects of a single drug or a single treatment factor may be slowly realized; several to tens of drugs may work together to kill a patient, or several to tens of weak treatments may work together to cure diseases. The binary scale forces a study to take two extreme options: confirming or denying a treatment effect or a side effect, and introduces massive errors that make findings meaningless. It is like a hundred strikes that kill a man, but none of the strikes could kill the man, medicine refuses to recognize any strike as the cause of death; and medicine cannot find cause of death for the person. The binary disease scale generates meaningless conclusions in medical researches. In order to solve chronic diseases, treatment effects and drug side effects must be evaluated quantitatively, and vast number of medical studies must be rejected.

Ignoring the role of mind is another reason to make a medical treatment meaningless. For a chronic disease, the disease state is remembered in the brain and maintained by neural signals from the brain. Although this is a theory, tens of thousands of studies reader direct or indirect support. Contrary to massive evidence indication, medicine insists that a treatment must be done without mind participation. This is like an attempt to fix a problem for an two-part interlocked system by just focusing on one part but ignoring the other part. It must fail.

We concluded that cancer cannot be cured predictably because the research model, the reductionist treatment, dualism, and binary disease classification are all wrong. There is no chance for medicine to find predictable cures for cancer because the research model is wrong to the human body. They also found that cures for cancer and chronic diseases are within the mind, the body, human genome, and natural products, and that exercises with strong mind focus are the most powerful panacea.

Proof and Published Articles

1. Radical Medical Treatements Shorten Patient Lives:

After correct the errors in medicine, we proved that radical treatments shorten patient lives. This is study is based on cancer theory, cancer treatment histories, and a large number of performance evaluation review. The biggest discovery is that all radical cancer treatments can make the cancer net apparent rate constant become larger and larger. IF the rate constant is stable, the cancer cell development curve shows exponential characteristic. When the rate consistent also goes up, the growth curve has a doubly exponential characteristic. The inability to detect the adverse effects of radical cancer treatments are caused by flaws in the clinical trails and the chain comparison convention in cancer research."[view or download the article]

2. Cancer is controlled by multiple biochemical processes:

One well known problem in cancer is the alteration of biochemical and cellular pathways in cancer patients: attributes of six categories of biological properties (growth signaling, cell apoptosis, anti-growth signaling, angiogenesis, tissue invasion and metastasis, and cell replication limits) are changed in cancer patients [108]. Faulty environmental, dietary, emotional, and lifestyle factors slowly cause many process attributes to depart from healthy values. It is highly unlikely that the disturbed biological networks can be corrected by using one single synthetic drug. This is the reason why drugs deliver results that are poorer than what is predicted in theory. It is anticipated that application of a number of primitive lifestyle factors can have better chances to correct the departures in process attributes responsible for chronic diseases.[View or download article]

3. We proved CNS's role in cancer:

In epidemiology, the risk model is wrong because early researchers treated risks as extensive properties like weight and volume. Death risks are process attributes that cannot be added and divided among different persons. This single flaw makes epidemiological studies meaningless although there might dozens of additional errors. This explains why U.S. death rate from COVID-19 is 10 to 100 times higher than those seen in some nations. We proposed a different framework for fighting the pandemic."[View or download article]

4. We proved the viral organ fucntion as determinant factor in lifespan:

In all cancer treatments, medicine has ignored the determinant factor for lifespan. How long one can liver mainly depend on the vital organ's functional capacities."[View or download article]

5. A comprehensive Treatise on Cancer

We are writing a book on how to use health optimization method to battle cancer. Health optimization is an art without limits. If we rate the performance in a 100-point scale, the performance can range from a few points to 100 points. If cancer can be caused by faulty lifestyle and environmental factors, it can be fixed by same. We will explore deep secrets of cancer and healing process. The new content we will add is our cancer reversibility theory, the roles of CNS memory role on cancer state.

Books On Chronic Diseases and Cancer

Noval Approach To Curing Cancer

This book teaches a health art for fighting cancer. It teaches a comprehensive true science-based personalized health art for curing cancer. Contrast to medical practice of killing all cancer cells, it teaches cancer patients to fight cancer by controlling cancer cell division speeds rather than killing all cancer cells, discusses reasons for people to fail in fights against cancer, prove true risks of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, and the reason for the failure of medicine to find predictable cures for cancer.

Buy eBook: Novel Approach to Curing Cancer: Proof that Medicine Cannot Cure Cancer

Some Unique Features

  • Present a completely different medical model that is based on all ancient medical systems, Chinese Medicine, System Optimization, and tens of thousands of medical discoveries.
  • The book teaches a health art model which is contrary to medicine in both treatment methods and treatment strategy. It rejects population based medicine and shows that the binary disease approach is wrong because it introduces excessive errors and inaccuracies.
  • The book rejects the notion that cancer is a yes-or-no disease which has been used in every aspect of medicine. By the time of 85, a person may have at least one cancer by certainty and may have several cancer. Thus, the controlling fact is how fast tumors grow. It is also obvious that cancer can grow and shrink in various conditions. Tumor net changing speeds are highly sensitive to a large number of factors including environmental factors and tissue mechanical properties. By using binary disease approach and randomized controlled trials to evaluate performance, medical research cannot detect the effect of each of tens to thousands of weak factors and thus rely only on surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, each of which can only speed up cancer growth speeds and shorten patient lives. When the binary disease scale and the randomized controlled trials are used simultaneously, medicine completely exaggerates the benefits of those risky and useless treatments. We have proved that when a large number of such weak factors work together, they can easily slow down cancer growth speeds or make cancer manageable. We have proved that randomized controlled trials, the reductionist model, and binary disease approach are wrong.
  • The book discusses four lethal factors that are mainly responsible for cancer deaths and extensively discusses most common mistakes that are can negatively affect fights against cancer. The book rejects cancer over-treatments because those methods are more harmful than good. It also discusses problems in cancer early diagnosis.
  • After Wu and Zha have proved that randomized controlled trials produce false and wrong results, the medical establishment must systematically question the merit of existing medical treatments for cancer. Claimed benefits of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are not real. Even the little perceived merits are actually caused by inherent biases of the randomized controlled trials and the binary disease scale.
  • Medicine has ignored a long list of vitally important facts that can conclusively establish that cancer treatments promote cancer growth speeds and shorten patient lives. Those large number of factors cannot be combined if every medical issue must be decided under the binary scale. However, all of them are related to cancer growth speeds or net changing speeds under the rate balance model. WHEN HUNDREDS OF FACTORS ARE USED IN COMBINATION, THEY CAN DRAMATICALLY REDUCE CANCER GROWTH RATE CONSTANTS. UNDER THE RATE BALANCE THEORY, MEDICAL TREATMENTS DRAMATICALLY INCREASE CANCER GROWTH RATE. The corrections of two methods can completely change the relative merits of medicine and health optimization. We found that health optimization is much more powerful in curing cancer. Dr. Wu has raised those issues with NIH, FDA, NAM (NAS), the U.S. House, federal agencies, etc. None of them come out to defend those flaws by email. Medicine lacks any channel to improve and reform itself. When all key presumptions are wrong, nothing for them to fix. Medicine has to continue using the same strategy simply because it has been used in treating cancer for many centuries with huge profits.