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Mission Statement

Updated on January 14, 2020

New Health Art - Health Optimization Sicence or Engineering

Our mission is to promote a new health art known as Health Optimization Engineering and provide necessary technologies for curing chronic diseases and cancer, both of which severely limit human lifespans and health spans.This mission is written in the Article of Incorporation as binding cavanant

We have provided a new model that could enable people to achieve longest health lifespans and lifespans. In this model, we used "usable organ capacity" for individual persons as a measure of lifespans and health spans. We show that personal lifespans and health spans depend on organ's biological potential, maximum usable organ capacity, decline rate of usable organ capacities, fluctuations in usable organ capacities, sizes of life stressors, and thresholds of death. We used the model to estimate lifespans for human beings and extrapolated survival times to potential lifespans. We show that hundreds of factors affect lifespans and health spans, but current research methods are unable to determine the benefits of single weak factor. Human genome supports maximum lifespans at least 200 years, but now people can live only a fraction of the potentials. We explored how personal health care wisdom, medical practice culture, drug adverse interactions, and human propensity in favoring short-term benefits over long-term risks, etc. might have severely shortened personal lives and create the observed compressed survival curve.

Cancer and chronic diseases are major diseases that prevent human beings from living and enjoying full potential lifespans and health lifespans. Therefore, finding cures for cancers and chronic diseases is the main purpose of our mission.

Health Optimization Engineering cannot be practiced in docctor offices. It is about eating, drinking, doing, thinking, and all kinds of habits. It is difficult to detect problems and correct them. There are massive differences between any two persons in their life style, health conditions, personal characteristic and living environment, the statement of "eating more green vegetables" can mean two ounces of greens per week, two ounces kales per day, five ounces callard greens per day, etc. Although personalized medicine has been proposed by many medical scholars long time ago, no one has been able to teach users to use it correctly. No body knows how to use it correctly and what is enough to change the balance in favor of healing. To making Health Optimization Engineering as real powerful health art, one must make correct quantitative decisions for all relevant health issues. This means that the person must be enabled with right information and right tools for making decisions on quantitative determinations. Therefore, we provide two tools: a versatile database containing detailed health information, and a computing system for determine balances and changes in balances. Our website provides the first step to solve chronic diseases and achieve longevity.

Our site is contrary to legalized medicine and is naturally discriminated by the legal system. To make this system to finally solve chronic diseases and cancer, support from you and companies are essential for development, expansion and perfection of this system.

Explore Flaws of Medicine and Disseminate Evidence Worldwide

Systematically identify, discover, and prove flaws in the reductionist-science medical model and reasons of its failure to find cures for chronic diseases and cancer. It will focues on key flawed presumptions such as population-based research approach, dualism, reductionism, and binary diseases classifications. We will prove by whatever suitable methods how those presumptions introduce exessive errors and inacuraceis and making research findings meaningless. Additional interest is to explore problems and limitations of evidence-based medicine and precision medicine in both population-based medicine and personalized medicine models. The site is enabled with two unique capabilities: a mass researchable database and computing system enable users to conduct computation to solve any probelem that could be solved. In addition, our focus is to explore flaws of current models for studying, reporting, estimating, and disclosing drug side effects and to make realistic estimation of the contributions of synthetic drugs to increasing prevalence in autoimmune diseases, kidney failure, and cancer.

Science-based medicine has been accepted, practiced, and used in most nations by misleading evidence of scientific validity. The virtue was mainly based on conclusions reached in randomized controlled trails. While research practices above the model make an impression that medicine can discover truth about diseases, treatments and personal health, it fails in actual performance. We found that medicine is uable to find truth about diseases and treatments due to flaws in presumptions used in medical research model. We have summarilry proved that all four core presumptions: population trials, dualism, reductionist model, and binary disease classification are all remotely from realty of human body. The massive errors and inacuracie introduced by the reductionist model not only fails the mission to find cures for diseases but produced treatment protocols and drugs that are more harmful than the nominal benefits claimed in medical literature. That is the root cause of well known saying that medicine can only control symptoms but cannot cure diseases, doctors could not use drugs (e.g. chemotherapy) on themselves, and the world is seeing more and more health problems than before.

Since medicine has no border, our mission has no border. Our mission is intended for benefits of all human beings in the world. The U.S. is playing the biggest role in medicine, but its medical legal framework has affect the people in other nations. CImprovment must be made in the U.S. and all other nations.

The Founders

Updated on January 14, 2020

Jianqing Wu, Ph.D., J.D. Founder

Jianqing Wu, M.S, Ph.D. J.D., is a scientist, registered patent attorney and prolific inventor named in 12 U.S. patents and 3 foreign patents. He was born in a medicinal family in China and was exposed to medicine since childhood. He earned B.S. in China, M.S. and Ph.D. from N.C. State, and J.D. from University of Maryland. He did postdoctoral research in Medicinal Chemistry at University of Illinois at Chicago and the National Institutes of Health. In his science career, he acquired strong knowledge of characterizing complex systems. His special training in medical research and system dynamics enables him to challenge medicine as reflected in attached articles [1-9]. The articles have been widely circulated to research institutes, federal agencies, non-profit organizations and attorneys. Those papers were based on indisputable facts that were collected directly or indirectly from tens of thousands (>10,000) research articles and systematic reviews from various sources.

Dr. Wu is a healer. He started exploring Qigong exercise in 1980, and since then has used Qigong in lieu of prescription drugs. He collected Qigong publications extensively and evaluated many of them. He has used, tried, tested, developed, and created healing methods for managing cold, flu, wound, sleep problems, stress, blood, pressure, etc. After gaining the ability to circulate Qi in 2001, he started using mind to tackle health problems (except for emergence trauma). He experienced wonder in reversing decades-old arthritics, chronic pain, scaring and abnormal tissues, etc. With help of Dr. Ping Zha, he developed a complete body of disease theories revolving the roles of mind and is developing more theories on wonder cures. His cancer theory on the special roles of Central Nervous System can explain nearly all cancer controversies [6].

In his parallel invention career, he discovered the flaws in medicine by 1 in more than 100 years odds. His discoveries have in fact overthrown the 200-year "INCURABLE" concept [1], invalidated population-based medical model, and established Health Optimization Engineering (HOE) as future medicine for curing chronic diseases. He can now prove from many angles that the reductionist science model just lacks accuracies and precission to correctly characterize chronic diseases. To find predictable cures for chronic diseases, a workable research model must deliver much higher precision than the reductionist model.

Dr. Wu has approved batteries of flaws in the medical model, which comprises INDISCRIMINATE APPLICATION OF TREATMENTS, EXCLUDING THE ROLE OF MIND, USING SINGLE TREATMENT FACTOR, USING BINARY DISEASE DEFINITION, AND USING RISKY OPTIONS [7]. He showed that any of the flaws can be enough to make a medical treatment fail. There is no exception (reported medical miracles cannot be caused by medical treatments). He found that tens of thousands of research articles on the health benefits of exercises have been published, but none of them teach people to use specific exercise to cure specific diseases in personalized medicine. He found convincing explanation that nearly 99% of medical discoveries cannot be translated into real cures [7] and each promised cure for cancer ultimately fails.

By using special modeling, Dr. Wu has proved that HOE can be 10 to 10,000 times more powerful than Randomized Controlled Trials and risks from HOE is much smaller than synthetic drugs routinely used in medicine. The HOE has the following key elements: using rate balance, using multiple safe factors as treatments, using holistic approach including mind in personalized medicine, and taking longer time for reversing diseases. He discovered that failure in curing chronic diseases is often caused by failure to understand the slow reversal process of chronic diseases.

His first several books disclose novel methodologies for curing heart diseases, cancer and extending lifespans and health spans. A long list of future books will address arthritics, latent product injuries, tinnitus, stress, sleep disorders, etc. Although a complete body of knowledge was accumulated in four decades, it will need more time to reduce his extraordinary personal experiences and a complete body of healing knowledge to a series of future books.

Theories and methods disclosed in his books are novel and thus are difficult to understand. After the population has been misled by medicine that cancer can be cured only by cutting tumors and killing cells, it is difficult to accept a new notion that cancer cells can be controlled by slowing down cancer growth rates. Moreover, most non-medical lifestyle factors have been rejected, disparaged, and mocked by medical establishment. FDA, American Cancer Society, some non-profit organizations, federal agencies, state agencies have disseminated legally correct but misleading information. Dr. Wu has proved their critiques were all factually wrong.

The failure of medicine is indisputable: medicine fails to find cures for chronic diseases, has achieved very little in cancer research in the past century, 75% doctors could not use chemotherapy on themselves if they had cancer, and the reporting systems for drug side effects are very poor. Those indisputable facts strongly back up his finding that so-called positive benefits are actually caused by biased randomized controlled trials. Truth are that medical treatments shorten lives and promote cancer growth [5, 3, 8]. In his article [5], Dr. Wu showed that dozen critical facts were known in 1988, discovered in the last five years or recently. None of them are disclosed to patients.

Based on prevalence of over treatments in cancer, Dr. Wu estimated that 400,000 cancer deaths in the U.S., about 2 million cancer deaths in China, and about 6 million in the world are caused each year by improper cancer treatments. After conductign the most comprehensive study, he found that surgeries and chemotherapy must cause earlier deaths or shorten survival times by multiple indisputable mechanisms [3, 5]. They both depressed usable organ function and raise cancer growth rates. Dr. Wu has urged the medical establishment and U.S. government to reevaluate the benefits and risks of surgery and drugs, the only thing they could do now is keeping silence. Nothing could be done to fix the foundation of medicine in years to come. Under such a circumstance, Dr. Wu wrote an article to urge people to critically evaluate the validity of claimed benefits of medical treatments [9] so that they can make informed decisions.

The benefits of medical treatments have been exaggerated and their risks underestimated due to the biases of randomized controlled trials. Each of his findings is backed up by irrefutable evidence. If a reader questions any factual basis and reasoning, please contact Dr. Wu at

Ping Zha M.D.(Chi. Med.), Co-Founder

Dr. Zha was born in a famous Chinese Medicine family. Her great-grandfather, Zha Wenfang, was a famous doctor practicing Chinese Medicine in Tianjin City, China in the early twentieth century. He was known by a nickname, Zha Bakuai, meaning eight silver dollars he charged for a visit (which would be enough to cover living expense for a poor family for half a year). He passed the art to grandson, Zha Jipu, who later became a famous doctor in Anqing City, Anhui Province. Dr. Zha was adopted by Zha Jipu as his daughter and leaned family medicine from his father.

Dr. Zha got formal training in Chinese Medicine for seven years. She earned M.S. degree in Chinese Medicine. Dr. Zha also was a student of Professor Yiping Chen, a renowned expert in kidney disease, and copied medical prescriptions and learned from leading Chinese Medicine experts including Songnian Xu, Zhongyi Hu, and Letao Wang. She had a deep understanding of Chinese Medicine literature especially the four Master Pieces.

She practiced Chinese Medicine as a chief doctor in China for more than 10 years. She published many articles in various Chinese Medical Journals. She won excellent thesis awards in the second place and third place from Anqing City, Anhui Province, China. She has a broad range of knowledge of modern hospitals and medical practices. Dr. Zha is an acupuncturist. Her background in Chinese Medicine is essential to assisting Dr. Wu in developing ground work in Health Optimization Engineering.

She is especially interested in developing new methods of using scientific discoveries on real patients correctly. She found that a huge number of facts have been discovered about chronic diseases and cancer, but extremely few can ever be used to matached patients. While science is practiced only in the research phases, the application of most treatments always depends on doctor experiece. The treatment like "trying this drug or this procedure" is like an endless personal trials. It is impossible to run millions of research projects on a person. Thus, final chances of success would depend on a completely new method of using right treatments to matched patients. The biggest misunderstanding is that one can fix health problems by keeping trying things from tens of thousands of options. The reality is that if a tretment makes an existing imbalance worse, it will maker patient condition worse and cut off the chance of sucdess. The Goden of Rule for curing chornic diseases is using right medicine for right diseases , the population-based treatment (e.g., the crown jewel of medicine) involving indiscriminate application of a treatment to many people cannot be right.

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