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Copyrights and Patent Notice

The materials on this web site, including designs and layouts, are protected under the United States copyright law and international copyright treaty. Some materials used by the server program may be trade secrets. Product names, company names, and their logos mentioned on this website are the properties of respective owners.

Healthier World informs its users and other public members that the software is protected by the United States Patents: 8,140,847 B1; 8,548,997 B1; 8,935,266 B2; 8,972,845 B2; 9,105,005 B2; 9,342,505 B2; 9,361,464 B2; 9,449,183 B2. If a law firm, a software company, or marketing firm is interested in licensing, acquiring, or buying in any of those patent rights, please feel free to contact the current owner.

Healthier World grants license to users to view, copy, and print any portion of the materials such as documents, texts, forms, client-side forms, program data, images, photos, sound files, movie files, and web pages as long as the materials are used solely for the purpose of conducting business and NOT FOR OTHER IMPROPER OR UNLAWFUL PURPOSES.

Healthier World grants a license to users to use any of the web pages generated by the software as long such use is for conducting busness and not intended to injure Healthier World, its users, other persons.

If it is necessary to distribute such information to other parties for proper purposes, the materials should be accompanied by original copyright notice like "All Rights Reserved, Owners, 2006-2018."